Update on Listing Qualifications, Fund Raisings, Election / Re-election of Directors and Disclaimer or Adverse Audit Opinion on Financial Statements
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Category Others
Event date 12 November 2019 (Tue)
Time 19:30 - 21:30
CPD hours 2 hrs
Language Cantonese (Handout in English)
Hall, 1/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK
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Program Objective:

Since January 2018, The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEx”) has published a number of consultation conclusion papers on the review of the Hong Kong Listing Rules and the Corporate Governance (“CG”) Code, resulting in significant amendments thereto and made new proposals affecting listed companies. The speaker wishes to outline certain amendments and new proposals that he considers more important to the accountants, corporate finance practitioners, legal advisors, companies secretaries, directors, etc. in the following Outline section.


Amendments to:

  • Listing Qualifications (including the weighted voting rights regime, pre-revenue / profit biotech companies and secondary listing) effective in mid-February 2018 and end of April 2018;
  • Capital Raisings by Listed Companies – Highly dilutive capital raisings, rights issues and open offers; placing of warrants or convertible securities under general mandate as well as additional requirements for sub-divisions and bonus issues of shares and additional disclosure requirement for the use of proceeds from equity fundraisings effective in early July 2018; and
  • Election / re-election of individuals as directors and in particular independent non-executive directors (“INEDs”) by the board of directors and nomination committee, relationship of INEDs with listed companies, independence of INED candidates, board diversity and dividend policy effective on 1 January 2019; and
  • Proposal in connection with Disclaimer or Adverse Audit Opinion on financial statements.

Benefits for Participants:

After attending the seminar, participants are expected to acquire the knowledge of the amendments to the Listing Rules and the CG Code so that they can (i) assist the listing applicants to plan and make a going-public exercise effectively; (ii) enable the listed companies to make a good preparation for capital raisings and election / re-election of directors in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Listing Rules and the CG Code; and (iii) prevent the suspension of the trading in shares on the HKEx owing to disclaimer or adverse opinion on financial statements when publishing preliminary results announcements.


Sir Seaman Kwok, KR

Sir Seaman Kwok, KR, an Executive Director & the Head, Corporate Secretarial, of Boardroom Corporate Services (HK) Limited and a Director of Boardroom Share Registrars (HK) Limited.

He has about 30 years' extensive legal, corporate secretarial and management experience gained from working as company secretary and directors for reputable companies overseas and in Hong Kong (including the Hang Seng Index Constituent and Hang Seng Mid-Cap 50 Stock companies) and the managing director of a top-notch financial printer in town having an international affiliation. He was named in the "International WHO'S WHO of Professionals" in 1999 and has recently been conferred a Knight of Rizal by the Supreme Council of the Philippines.

A Chartered Governance Professional, a Chartered Secretary, a professional accountant and a fellow member of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors, Mr. Kwok possesses other professional qualifications in arbitration, taxation, securities and investment and human resource management. In addition, he holds a professional diploma in company secretaryship and administration, a bachelor's degree of arts and a post-graduate diploma in laws and has passed the common professional (legal) examinations in England and Wales. He was the longest-serving elected council member of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries and the chief examiner of the "Hong Kong Company Secretarial Practice" module of its international qualifying examinations. Further, he has been a director of a charity fund since its incorporation in 1992 and is an INED of a company listed on GEM of the HKEx.

A popular speaker and writer, Mr. Kwok has been influential in making the regulators review and amend the Hong Kong Listing Rules in many respects since the late 2000s.

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5 Nov 2019 (Tue)

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