Understanding Banking Treasury Products for Accountants
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Category Corporate Finance/Banking
Event date 30 June 2019 (Sun)
CPD hours 1.5 hrs
Language Cantonese (Handout in English)
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Program Objective

This seminar is designed for finance professionals to gain fundamental knowledge in banking treasury products offered to corporate borrowers (including SMEs).

This will mainly cover a wide range of plain vanilla treasury products in Hong Kong, including those for hedging and speculative purposes. Also, it will highlight key credit considerations from bank's credit approver's perspective.


  • Overview of FX and FX Forward treasury products;
  • Insight on the structure of plain vanilla swap, including interest rate swap (IRS) and cross currency swap (CCS)
  • How are swap being used by corporates for hedging / speculative purposes?
  • Case study

Benefits for Participants

  • This seminar will help the participants to understand the structure behind the treasury products commonly offered by banks to corporate borrowers.
  • The seminar will also unveil the credit consideration behind bank credit officers in approving the treasury derivatives for corporate client.


Mr. Duncan Tang
Managing Director, iFinance (Asia) Limited

Mr. Tang has over 20 years of professional experience in corporate financing, credit and product risk analysis at various major US and European international banks, including BoA Merrill Lynch, UBS, RBS and BNP Paribas. He is currently the Managing Director of iFinance (Asia) Limited and previously a Vice President-Finance of a Mainboard-listed company in Hong Kong.

Mr. Tang also has ample training experience at various professional institutes, international banks and investment banks. He is also an author of an investment book published in Hong Kong.

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