Practical Insights on Bank Facility Letter for Accountants
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Category Banking
Event date 30 June 2019 (Sun)
CPD hours 1.5 hrs
Language Cantonese (Handout in English)
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Program Objective

When a bank offers its Bank Facility Letter, there are a lot of professional banking terms and conditions, which are commonly known amongst bankers themselves and are not easy to understand by outsiders. Practical insights by an experienced banker will uncover the secret of those terminologies and rationale behind.


  • List out the terms and conditions within Bank Facility Letter;
  • Step by step explanations on terms and conditions;
  • Focus on particular key points with elaborations;
  • Explain the rationale of key terms.

Benefits for Participants

  • All wording within Bank Facility Letter could be easily understood.
  • Negotiations with Bank for better terms and conditions could be made.
  • Handling process for accepting Bank Facility Letter could be shorten.


Mr. Stephen Chan

Master Degree in Applied Finance. Mr. Chan is an experienced senior credit and marketing professional in the banking industry with over 40-year banking experience specializing in marketing and lending activities from structuring bilateral trade & / or loan facilities to arranging syndicated loans in the corporate, commercial and financial institution banking sectors.

Stephen worked as different senior roles at branch operations, treasury & loans settlement, bills operations, syndication, financial institutional marketing, corporate & commercial marketing and credit approval in leading international banks in Hong Kong (including but not limited to National Westminster Bank, ING Bank and China Construction Bank).

Last worked at Hong Kong Mainboard-listed company, Mr. Chan looked after corporate treasury management from Nov. 2015 to May 2017.

Graduated as one of the top candidates of the Master Degree of Applied Finance in Macquarie University, Australia in 2000, Stephen has been a Member of Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute since 2008; Associate Member of The London Institute of Banking and of Finance (formerly known as The Chartered Institute of Bankers), the UK since 1992 and Associate Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, Hong Kong since 1995.

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